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For leading ERISA Attorneys, CPA’s Auditing Plans, Fiduciary Consultants, Advisor Search Firms, TPAs, Fund Managers, Recordkeepers, put Veriphy’s tool in your Took Kit and improve your Value Proposition to Plan Sponsors and Employers.

Also, referral partnership opportunities with media, associations and other services connected to Plan Sponsors and Advisors.

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  • TPAs typically work with smaller companies through advisors or they may be “producing TPAs” that have their own advisory team. TPAs that are interested in differentiating their company through investments, will see some value in partnering.  A TPA that also does recordkeeping could also see some benefit.
    However, if the TPA is marketing themselves as a 3(16) administrator, then we have significant value for them. The 3(16) administrator should be responsible for determining if fees are reasonable and may also be reviewing the advisors capabilities. These 3(16) TPAs are a perfect partner for Veriphy. 
  • Record keepers that go direct and those that are trying to refer advisors are great partners.  We can help them monitor the investment results from a plan and also monitor the advisors they refer and the ones on their plans. Plans with poor advisors will be at risk of being moved to another administrator. We can help them choose advisors to align with if they are making referrals. 
  • ERISA Attorneys are a perfect match for our professional services. Our work will generate work for them because we do not practice law and they do not really know how to evaluate the facts. Plan Assessments and Advisor RFPs will be valuable.
  • CPAs that are forward thinking hear about the need for Advisor RFPs while doing their plan audits and will be good references. In addition, they may be interested in offering the Planview report as an additional service/revenue source for their plan audit work. 
  • DCIOs will benefit because our tools provide value added support and business development opportunities for their key advisors.
  • Outsourced Fiduciaries will receive excellent support from Veriphy. 
    •  “OCIOs” (Outsourced Chief Investment Officers) are a good fit because they are very focused on fiduciary matters.
    •  Fiduciary advisors who focus on governance assessments can benefit by using our data as part of their report. 
    •  402(a) Outsourced Named Investment Fiduciaries would see our tool as a strong support for their services. We can help them validate their skills which helps the Plan Sponsor oversee them.

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