For Investment Advisors

Veriphy Analytics℠ Value Proposition

Previously, there were no methods to evaluate the investment skill/expertise of an Investment Professional. Consequently, the most common differentiator is fees, which are just one of many factors that should be evaluated.

Our vision is to promote a new higher standard for Investment Professionals that focuses on a patent-pending, elegantly statistical Veriphy Ratio℠ that will measure the true value delivered to a retirement plan. This new standard will shine a light on Investment Professional excellence and help increase the professionalism of our business.

For many years now, the focus has been on lowering fees for Investment Professionals but we question how useful this is without including any objective measure of value. The famous Investment Manager, Warren Buffet, often quotes his mentor Ben Graham; “Price is what we pay. Value is what we get.” We believe that the selection and recommendation of a fund representing an asset class requires significant investment skill and knowledge. The Veriphy Ratio℠ for an Investment Professional will be the tool they need to differentiate their investment skill and added value. It will also become the standard used in RFP’s, which will level the playing field by utilizing an independent firm (i.e. Veriphy℠) that will gather the data necessary to provide Veriphy Ratio℠.

In todays environment, we focus mainly on what a participant contributes to their plan as the only factor impacting their retirement readiness. We believe that fund selection and monitoring also plays a part in a participant’s retirement readiness.


A revolutionary new risk/reward performance algorithm.

The only way to reliably and objectively track, measure and evaluate retirement plan investment outcomes.

Increase your sales 

Differentiate your firm

Illustrate value added to clients

Improve client retention