“Are you 100% sure that your advisor’s fees are reasonable?”

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$ Billion Dollars Lost*


% Unhealthy Plans*


$ Billion Valued Gained*


% Healthy Plans*

*approximate over the last 7 years

The New Standard of measurement is here.

Your 401(k)'s Veriphy Score™ just may surprise (and really frighten) you.

What is Veriphy®?

Veriphy® is a web-based business intelligence platform focused on increasing the effectiveness and improving outcomes in the DC Retirement Plan community.

Like a FICO™ score for your retirement plan

 Veriphy® combines the historical investment holdings and fund changes in your retirement plan with a risk/reward performance algorithm to measure the value added to your 401(k) or 403(b) Plan by the fund managers chosen.

The True Value

Know the investment value added to your Plan outcomes

Honest Measurement

Measure reasonableness of fees based on outcomes

Save Time

One click to gain understanding of results and reduce your risk

Protect Yourself

Protect  yourself against fiduciary liability

The Veriphy® Team

Fortune 500 level professionals you can trust.


Mark McCoy, MBA, AIFA®


Mark is the Founder of Veriphy®, a 35-year financial industry veteran and has operated an RIA firm for 20 years. He is an expert in the analysis and evaluation of fund managers and target date funds.Mark is a frequent speaker on investment topics and conducts education programs for DOL Investigators. Mark is also active on two industry Boards: WEB & SBEN.


Al Otto, AIFA®


Al is the Co-Founder and CEO of Veriphy® a 35-year veteran of the financial services industry and has spent the majority of his career as an independent RIA. As a serial entrepreneur, he has built four financial service companies. He is a nationally recognized author and speaker in the financial industry and is a federally recognized expert on 401(k) fiduciary matters.

Technology Trailblazer

Vicki Wright Hamilton

Technology Trailblazer

An accomplished technology executive with over 20 years of experience in highly-matrixed organizations, Vicki Wright Hamilton is a visionary with an eye for operational excellence that balances people, processes, and technology. As a trusted advisor to business leaders and executives, Vicki has an innate ability to conceptualize, design, and execute innovative technology plans that have yielded large net returns.

Vice President of Technology

Asaph Brown, ITIL v3

Vice President of Technology

Asaph “Ace” is the Vice President of Technology at Veriphy® and has spent the past decade leading and coordinating IT projects and managing IT infrastructures. He keeps his ears on the heartbeat of the company and aligns technology with business objectives to achieve high-impact results.

Senior Data Scientist

Suhas Tummalapalli

Senior Data Scientist

Suhas is the Senior Data Scientist at Veriphy® Veriphy® and oversees all things data at the organization. He holds a Masters in Data Analytics from Georgia Tech and is experienced in the research of investment assets class and funds, making him uniquely equipped to assist Veriphy®n its endeavors.

Director of Marketing

Jim Lefkowitz

Director of Marketing

Jim Lefkowitz is the Director of Marketing at Veriphy® and is responsible for providing marketing implementation, software integration and new product launch solutions, all with gentle, human, product support. He has a passion for any clean water or available food related effort.

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Veriphy® provides elegantly simple and accurate due diligence tools for each constituent in the DC Plan community. Data to drive excellent decisions plan outcomes and identify true opportunities for all constituents.

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 Veriphy® measures the value added to your 401(k) or 403(b) Plan by the fund managers chosen. Like FICO™ score for your retirement plan”.