Changing The Status Quo

Bringing Accountability, Transparency and Objective Value Measurement through Feedback for Retirement Plans

Veriphy℠ is a web-based business intelligence platform focused on increasing the effectiveness and improving outcomes in the DC Retirement Plan community. Regulatory changes in 2012 created aggressive attacks on pricing and created an industry that is now extremely focused on low fees. This trend has progressed to the point where there is an inherent assumption that lower fees produce better results. This may or may not be the case. The proprietary Veriphy℠ database, search, analysis & reporting tools1 and graphical outputs are built to force transparency and objective value measures into this trend.

  • Measure the skill of an investment professional or plan committee based on the decisions made over time.
  • Drive excellence in retirement outcomes for advisors and plan sponsors.
  • Receive elegant yet simple decision tools to support excellence in decision making.

Veriphy provides elegantly simple and accurate due diligence tools for each constituent in the DC Plan community to drive excellent decisions and identify true opportunities for all constituents. The result is an industry where price is what is paid and value is what is monitored, measured and received.
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The only reliable way to objectively track, measure and evaluate retirement plan outcomes.

[1] Patent Pending

Know the investment value added 

Measure reasonableness of fees

Save time, add focus and reduce meeting prep

Protect  yourself against fiduciary liability

Objective Insight into the Health of Your Retirement Plan