What's YOUR Veriphy Ratio Score?  All of our solutions start with this important tool: The Veriphy Ratio.  It's the first objective 3rd-party scoring tool for your company's retirement plan. 

Objective Insight into the Health of Your Retirement Plan


Get your ONE TIME SCORE for only $499 BEFORE the May 1st increase to $999

VeriphyAnalytics creates your Veriphy℠ Score:

  • Allowing you to get clear insight into the health of your 401(k) plan.
  • Comparing your plan against others helping you to attract and retain valuable employees.
  • Showing you're exercising fiduciary responsibility in seeing how your retirement plan scores.
  • Information is gathered from publicly available 5500 data on your company's retirement plan.
  • Delivered in an electronic pdf format.

What's included with your Veriphy Ratio℠ Scorecard?

  • 7 Year Veriphy Ratio℠ Plan Score.  This single number score shows you the health of your retirement plan.
  • Plans Relative Risk vs. Relative Return. We will tell you the number of negative target date funds and core asset funds.
  • Veriphy Ratio℠ Score vs. Plan Universe. Based on data from employer funds across the country, we will tell you where your plan relates to employers/plan sponsors around the country.
  • Support with your Scorecard:   Whether an Employer preparing your Plan Committee or Advisor doing the same for your Client or using Scorecard to win a new client, we will provide the training to help your use the Scorecard and present the Results. 


for only $499 until May 1st (regular price $999)

Whether you are a Plan Committee member or Advisor, don’t you want your plan and its participants to see if your plan has a positive Veriphy Ratio℠ score?  You will then have an objective 3rd party measurement as to how the plan is performing and if there are areas where it needs improvement.

Our Solutions

Veriphy℠ Custom Solutions

Advisor RFP / Plan Assessment Services


Whether you are on a Plan Committee asking if your Investment Advisor is adding value or if you're an Investment Advisor looking to show you are adding value, it is difficult to determine the answer.  In fact, with more than $7.5 trillion in plan assets in the 401(k) and 403(b) marketplace and billions of dollars being paid to investment professionals, there has been no measure of investment committee or investment professional skills or performance… until Veriphy.

The Veriphy Ratio is a single calculation based on a patent pending algorithm and methodology designed to measure the skill of an Investment Advisor and show value received. If the Veriphy Ratio is positive, then value has been delivered. If the Veriphy Ratio is negative, then value has not been added. The Veriphy Ratio is simple and elegant and it gives the plan committee a great place to begin evaluating their plan investment decisions, determine whether the plan is performing and determine whether fees are reasonable.


The Veriphy PlanView℠ Report delivers details to answer questions of where value has been added… or not. This gives you, the committee member and plan fiduciary,  the ability to understand what has worked and what has not. The report will identify the total value added of a 7 year period and how much risk was taken to deliver the result. When this is compared to the cumulative fees paid over that time period, reasonableness is much easier to determine.  

Veriphy PlanView Report includes:  

  • 7 Year Veriphy Ratio℠ Plan Score
  • Plans Relative Risk vs. Relative Return
  • Veriphy Ratio℠ Score vs. Plan Universe
  • Veriphy Attribution Bubble Charts
  • Historical Cumulative Value Added to Plan Chart
  • 7 Year Relative Risk vs. Plan Benchmark
  • Support with your PlanView Report:   Whether an Employer preparing your Plan Committee or Advisor doing the same for your Client or using PlanView Report to win a new client, we will provide the training to help your use the Scorecard and present the Results. 

The Veriphy PlanView℠ is an important tool for plan investment committees as well as their Investment Advisors because they are looking for objective tools to validate plan performance.

Veriphy PlanView℠ provides the checks and balances to ensure the retirement plan is performing and building value for employees and plan participants. An attractive 401(k) plan is useful in recruiting talent as well as retaining productive long-term employees. A healthy retirement plan provides financial wellness and retirement readiness for retirees.

If there are negative funds shown in the Veriphy Ratio Scorecard, the PlanView Report will take a deeper dive and detail the specific questions you will want to discuss with Investment Advisor. These are necessary checks and balances to ensure the plan is performing the way it should.

Schedule a call to discuss PlanView details for your retirement plan.  

Please Note -  PlanView Subscription includes password access to your company's online reports, updated quarterly.

Special pricing:  Purchasers of one-time, $499 Veriphy Ratio℠ Scorecard can purchase the detailed PlanView for Just $2,500 annual subscription!


Veriphy℠ Custom Solutions

Many Plan Sponsors and their Advisors have unique needs that may require Customized Reports.  If we have the data, we can measure it.  For example, you may have a unique fund with your retirement plan or you may be interested in vertical competition evaluation and want to see how your retirement plan compares to those in your area or in the rest of the country.  Veriphy Analytics has the ability to customize our PlanView Reporting based on your specific retirement plan needs.

  • All of the reports included in Veriphy PlanView℠ plus:
  • Overall Passive vs. Active Funds vs. Industry
  • 5-Year Veriphy℠ Chart
  • Veriphy℠ Score vs. Vertical Employer Industry for Subscriber
  • Target Data Sweep - Deep Dive
  • Plan Assessment
  • Advisor Governance Analysis
  • Reasonableness of Fees Analysis
  • In addition, Veriphy can customize around other specific needs for your plan.

Learn more about our custom solutions and discuss your specific needs.


Advisor RFP / Plan Assessment Services

Leverage our combined over 100 years of industry experience PLUS the insights provided by the Veriphy Ratio score and PlanView Reports to help you in your Advisor Search Initiatives and Plan Assessments.

Advisor RFP Services: Understand goals and objectives of the search, current plan value added, due diligence review of advisory firm, review structure of firm and qualifications of advisor, review scope of services, experience, process, participant services, tools and technology used and fees.

Plan Assessment Services so you know the right questions to ask to analyze, strategize, formalize, implement, monitor retirement plans.

Learn more about our professional services and discuss your specific needs.


Veriphy℠ Report & Services Pricing

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